2018 Super Six Evo

The 2018 Cannondale HiMOd SuPer Six Evo

Full Dura Ace hydro disc group, mech 11 spd, ENVE cockpit, Cannondale Hollowgram Si carbon clinchers/ C’Dale/DT hubs, C’Dale si Hollowtech crankset, Vittoria Corsa Gumwall Graphene tires, Fizik saddle.

Weight 17 lbs flat. Color is gloss black with gloss metallic gray inset and chrome rear chainstays, inner fork stanchions, chrome lettering.

The ride is both comfortable and quick, the pure race geometry is suited to all day epics in the mountains or chasing breaks in local crits. I haven’t been able to find a weakness, after about a thousand miles of every terrain, from gravel and wet, hard packed pave to dirt double track and hot asphalt, this bike is an all around speed machine. It makes every moment a competition, chasing and trying to get away, the whole day is focused on one thing: speed!!

The carbon fiber frame/fork layup utilizes high modulus “ballistec” materials – those found in military body armor. The process of creating a hi mod frame versus the non hi mod carbon is a layering of specially engineered layers of carbon around the flex zones. This greatly increases the stiffness and strength of the frame. The fork is made of strips of carbon that are single pieces from dropout to the top of steer tube. One ride on this frame and you can feel the difference in the bottom bracket right away. It’s stiff, it absorbs road vibes and best of all, handling is so smooth and sharp, it tracks through turns and holds lines. The steering is light and twitchy, exactly what you would expect from a world class racing frame.

The 58cm frame feels really big, it feels tall and long like a limousine. Cannondale specs the bike with alloy bars and stem, they were immediately replaced by ENVE Composites and it made a big difference. The road vibes are dampened further by removing all that metal and it saved weight. at least a few hundred grams. The Vittoria Corsa 25c tires come stock, they’re amazing. They are supple and quick. The pressure is best set a bit lower than other similar tires, I run them at 88 psi with tubes and it’s a perfect balance between ride compliance and traction and speed. The Graphene compound supposedly alters it’s properties at the contact point with the road which they say makes for better grip and a faster rolling tire. There is a radial tread pattern and the middle ribbon is thicker. Superb grip inspires confidence in sweeping descents and sharp turns. The tubeless version uses the same compounds.

The Dura Ace hydraulic disc brakes are full of stopping power, bleeding and maintenance are simple. The only rip I have against this group set are the hoods, aka deer antlers. They’re gigantic. They lend to more places to rest hands but look a bit silly sticking up over the bars.  That and the rear wheel is not a thru axle, but a quick release, which is obsolete by performance measures. There’s so much about this bike that I love, I can ignore the little  things.

I would replace the set back seat post with a straight profile. The frame is on the bigger side and this would make for a better fit. Set back posts look cool but from a fit perspective, they should only be used if the rider has a 7 foot wingspan.

Cannondale is one of my favorite brands, they push the envelope of design and they take interesting directions with paint scheme.

I’m glad this one is black, in my opinion, the only color a bike should be.

six evodrivetrain


butt view


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