Neshaminy Mtb Trails

Idlewood Natural Area

Neshaminy High School, Langhorne, PA

 Located on a 150 acre parcel of land, owned by the Neshaminy School District. The 6 miles of winding singletrack are wedged into a creek valley and bordered by an abandoned quarry. The trail is twisting, rooty and filled with rock gardens, bridges and built up log overs. The trails are maintained by Guy’s Bicycles and a partnership with the Neshaminy high School.

bush wave

shark fins

The rock gardens are reminiscent of Wissahickon trails, The shark fins and sharp granite edges are found down low, along the Neshaminy Creek.

Rock Gardens

rock garden by creek

 The Turnpike

 This trail features a low lying area subject to flooding and year round wet conditions with several hundred feet of raised bridges. It’s part of The Prologue of the Neshaminy Classic.  an annual mtb race featured in the Mid Atlantic Super Series.  Guy’s Bicycles sponsors the race team.


Tim's Prologue bridge

turnpike 2

The Mexican Bowtie

  I built this trail with Tim Dickson. It took us every bit of 5 years. It started out nearly unridable. It’s a pair of switchbacks with traverses that snake through large rock formations. It’s beautiful, gnarly and technical. Locals seem to like it. There’s plenty of gnar. Gnar everywhere. It’s located adjacent to the limestone quarry, behind the blue water towers. The quads and dirtbikes chew it up, adding to it’s bristly demeanor. Some (me) prefer it wild and unkempt. Others want a ribbon of sunshine from top to bottom. They can grab a bucket and shovel.

bowtie rock


The Surfer

 Swooping descent with undulating pitch, off camber rooty bench cut, logovers, rock gardens and narrow gates. Lots of ways to get smeared, choose one or more.

The Twisty Track

Located behind the football stadium, the Twisty Track is a rooty, meandering and mostly flat section. There are hairpin turns, odd log overs, berms and several super fast sections. Crazy fun.

The Scrap Hill

Jerry Nugent carved this gem with heavy equipment. It was my idea, cultivated with Tim Dickson. Scrap Hill is a swale made from construction debris and millions of pounds of dirt. It’s a big tortoise shell and some parts grow tall reeds and the other parts look like a meadow. Such a cool place. Located behind the baseball field that is nestled behind the tennis court.

prologue bridge

high bridge

low bridge

Nesh pipescut log and scalpel

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