Ride Nox

Nockamixon trails… No climbing to speak of. Plenty of gullies and creek crossings. You’ll find a plethora of man made trail features. Swells, berms, log overs and skinnies abound. Meandering, winding singletrack through cedar thickets, pine stands and lake shore. Roots, rocks and narrow gates. In the Summer it’s a dust bowl, in the Winter, it’s a swamp. Frequent trail closures. Locals will rat you out to park rangers if you disobey the closures. Made for mountain bikes, made by mountain bikers. Porta potty in the lot. There’s a gnome village.

Stacked loops, outer perimeter is 9 miles. No horses permitted, no atv’s. Very well maintained, filled with IMBA trail and real trail. Lots of fun at night. Entire loop is 45 mins to an hour. It’s located just North of Sheep Hole Rd.



nock creek

Nock flowy dirt two

Rhythm sections with berms and swells. Good to have a big squish in these rollers.

Nock Scalpel

 Full Face Helmet zone

Nock flowy dirt

nock rox gardenz

There are 600 rocks in this photo above. Big squish gets through them with ease.

nock ghost pines

This is a suicide forest in Japan. It looks just like Nock.

nock tree and rox


This is a gnome village. I don’t know why.

Click the photo below to see the FB page with posted trail conditions. They close the trails when more than .0005 inch of rain falls. There is a dedicated collective of passionate bike humans who donate thousands of hours of labor to keep this place dialed in. As much as the closures annoy, it is for the best. Good dirt at Nock is always a good thing.

nock sign

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