WhO Me Is

Hi.. I’m John.. I started this BLOG because why else? Because I can. First off, I LOVE BIKES. I was the kid who always wanted to go for bike rides. My friends didn’t get it. I was 7, they asked me “where we goin”?

I didn’t understand the question. I said wherever. All I wanted to do was ride. We had BMX tracks in the woods. We jumped whatever we could. We jumped tires, pallets, trash cans. We jumped into creeks. Bike life was always calling me. So I love me some bike rides.

I build bikes. I’m a mechanic at my local shop, Guy’s Bicycles. I spent a lot of years racing on their team. I raced XC and Endurance MTB. I raced crits and road races. I did stage races, 24 hour events. I organized and promoted races, I was a race director for the Neshaminy Classic for 2 years. I spent a big portion of my life building trails. Since I could remember, I was devoted to the art and lifestyle of cycling, athletics, health and fitness.

I am passionate about Human Powered Movement, I was a skaterat. I skated Love Park in Philly in the 90’s. I wore baggy jeans. I got some tattoos. I learned to surf in Jupiter, Florida, where I lived for a couple years. I lived in Philly, I played music, had a painter’s loft, sold art in shows and pop up galleries. I was a snowboarder. I traveled all over chasing powder. I rode Las Lenas in Argentina in July. I became a bike messenger and spent a couple years dodging cars for peanuts. It was glorious. I rode a brakeless fixie as far as my legs would carry me, I raced alley cats in NYC. I found myself in movement, I found my life. Nowadays I chase my demons instead of being chased by them. I am consumed with love for wheels and being in motion, I love the humans who share this love with me. My world is pushing my limits, finding new perspectives and insights into this Human condition by way of bicycles, or whatever else will carry me from one place to another.

I’m glad you’re here with me 🙂